Lobster Tail De-shelling and Prep

Step 1: You will need the following tools: cut resistance kitchen gloves (the lobster shell is thick and solid and can damage bare hands), latex gloves, kitchen shears and a sharp knife. 

Step 2: Use kitchen shears to cut down the middle of lobster tail. Cut it all way through till thetail feathers.

Step 3: Use knife to make an incision on the last shell and allow shell on both sides to open. This step will split the tail completely open.

Step 4: Gently open and split shell.

Step 5: Use your thumbs to gently release the lobster meat from its shell.

Step 6: Gently lift lobster meat from the shell. Make sure it is still connected to the tail feathers.

Step 7: Peel back lobster meat all the way to where two last shell incisions were made.

Step 8: Use kitchen shears to cut off the first ring of the shell. This will allow lobster meat to cover the shell completely.

Step 9: Voila! This is your finished cook ready lobster tail.