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Southern Style Biscuits, 12 CT.

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Southern Style Biscuit is an easy, freezer-to-oven format, crafted to produce light and fluffy biscuits every time, with savory, rich butter flavor for a scratch-like texture and appearance. 

An unbaked, frozen, pre-proved all-butter biscuit.

For Cooking/Baking Instructions Click Here.

Recieving & Storage

Our frozen dough items are shipped frozen with dry ice and will remain frozen during transit to ensure maximum freshness. Upon receiving your order, it's important to keep the dough frozen in your freezer, where it can be stored for up to 6 months.

It's important to note that once the dough has been thawed, it should not be refrozen. Instead, keep it refrigerated and cook within 24 hours for optimal freshness.

Once you've baked your dough, it will have a shelf life of approximately 2 days. We recommend consuming it within this timeframe for the best taste and texture.


Serving & Preparation

For optimal flavor and texture experience, refer to our cooking guide for each item. Click Here.

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