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Supreme Charcuterie Board

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Treat your guests and yourself to the luxurious Supreme Charcuterie Board, crafted with classic artisanal cold cuts and hand-selected premium cheeses from excellent creameries nationwide and worldwide. These selections are irresistible for your epic parties and spontaneous gatherings.

*This charcuterie package includes:

  • 1 types of artisanal meats
  • 2 types of cheese
  • 4 types of condiments
  • Honey dipper
  • Cheese Knife
  • Board
  • Shipped chilled

    *This package does not include accompaniments or comes pre-built


(1) CASTELLO BRIE - 7279714.1


(1) Famille Perronneau Acacia Honey - Large - AP0367.1

(1) Famille Perronneau Acacia Honey - Small - AP1003.1

(1) Famille Perronneau Acacia Honey with Honeycomb - AP7003.1

(1) L'epicurien Flower Confit Set - PFPR20.1

(1) Jean Dubost Cheese Knife 9" Ivory - JD13256IVO.1

(1) Famille Perronneau Honey Dipper - AP8022.1

(1) BOARD SERVING 14X9" OLIVE WOOD -1057264.1


Recieving & Storage

The charcuterie items are shipped with cold packs and will remain at a low temperature in transit. Upon receipt, refrigerate the meat and cheese immediately. To prevent oxidation, it is recommended to leave all charcuterie items in the packaging at room temperature before serving. Only serve as much meat and cheese as you plan to serve, and return the rest to the refrigerator. Leaving the charcuterie items at room temperature for an extended period may affect the flavor profiles. 


For optimal flavor and texture experience, cheese is best served at room temperature. Bring cheese to room temperature one hour before serving to experience the full flavor profiles of the cheese. Meats are best served chilled. 

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