| Difficulty Level:   | Serves 4 - 6  | Prep Time: 10 min  | Cooking Time: 15 min |

Blood & Marriage is a delicious cocktail that is prepared in three parts. You will need to make Rosemary Simple Syrup and your own Rosemary Foam before mixing it all together. But don't let this process intimidate you. You will be pleasantly surprised with a subtle but unexpected hint of Rosemary in your cocktail. Follow the recipe strictly, and you will be rewarded with an enjoyable, light drink that perfectly goes with your BBQ meats. To make this process a little more simple, use a shot glass that will measure precisely 1.5 ounces of liquid.

   Ingredients for Rosemary Simple Syrup:
1 Cup of Super Fine Sugar
1 Cup of Water
5 ea. Rosemary Spring
 Ingredients for Rosemary Foam:
5 oz. Rosemary Simple Syrup
1.25 oz. Egg Whites
Ingredients for Drink (Measured for only ONE cocktail):
1.5 oz. Branson VSOP Royal Cognac
1 oz. Blood Orange Syrup (Liquid Alchemist)
0.75 oz. Lemon Juice
0.75 oz. Rosemary Simple Syrup
Top about 2 oz. Rosemary Foam
How to prepare the Rosemary Simple Syrup:
  1. Combine equal parts of Sugar and Water into a saucepan.
  2. Bring to a boil: just until the Sugar has dissolved.
  3. Add Rosemary Spring and let simmer on low for 5 min.
  4. Remove from the heat, strain, and transfer to a storage container to cool at room temperature.
How to prepare the Rosemary Foam:
  1. Pour Rosemary simple and egg whites into a foam canister. (You can also use Hand Mixer to make the foam.)
  2. Charge and shake.
How to mix Blood & Marriage Drink: 
  1. Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass except rosemary foam.
  2. Add ice and cap with mixing tin.
  3. Shake until the tin container is frosted.
  4. Strain into a rocks glass with ice.
  5. Do not fill the glass completely to the top. You will need to leave room for the foam.
  6. Top with Rosemary Foam, garnish with Rosemary Spring, and serve.