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Wow! The meal was effortless to cook and tasted terrific. I have never cooked meat at home that has tasted like we were at a restaurant with a high-end chef cooking for us. The lobster was to die for. We will be ordering more for our big family meals and special events. I was very impressed with the food, packaging, delivery, and most importantly, the taste.

Shaun R. McCardell

December 29, 2020

We cooked the steaks today, simply the BEST, Everyone enjoyed them. Look forward to my next order.

Mark Errico

January 7, 2021

Just grilled up 4 filets mignons with simple seasoning. They were amazing! Each filet was trimmed nicely without any additional need to cut them down. I’ve had filets from many other online ‘steak’ companies and these were an absolute treat. We plan on stocking up to wow our friends and family for special dinners.

Jon Bain

December 8, 2020

The Fillet Mignon steaks are amazing - extremely tender and fresh, even my 6 year old ate it - no knife needed. We loved them and just ordered more.


December 22, 2020

I ordered Steak & Lobster package for our New Years Eve dinner. Delivered next day and perfectly packaged. In July picked up Filets from Mastro’s to home cook. They were the best steaks I’ve ever had! So, I wondered how this package was going to compare and it did NOT disappoint! Excellent steaks, grilling directions were right on and they were very juicy and tender. Only seasoning I used was the Morton’s Steak Seasoning. I will be ordering again and again. Trying the seafood package next.

Carol Benedettini

January 1, 2021

Great option to make assorted dishes! These were a great addition to switch up my weekly meal planning. Grilled some up with a steak one night, made a garlic butter shrimp another night and made a quick shrimp cocktail to share with the family.

Lee Martin

July 20, 2020

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